Make your skincare
do more

Beauty that heals

Why do you mean by practical?

Our launch kit: 123 pick me up kit


Step 1

Cucumber healing water-less cleanser, simply spray it on your face and wipe for to clean out any impurities

Nourish Primer

Step 2

Use our unique healing gel to give your face that refreshed look by nourishing it. Use it alone or as a primer


step 3

A fresh deodorant that not only heals your skin but also keeps you fresh for 24 hours

Bye-bye dark armpits!

Pink Balloons_edited.jpg

Buy now and get healing moisturiser free

No added chemicals

Organic beauty


Vegan and cruelty-free

"The kit has become a permanent part of my life, it has added so much to my everyday life - making it easy to be truly refreshed anywhere I go. I can also see my skin visibly healing every day"


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