What to gift your girlfriend on valentine's day in India 2021?

January box. Winter box. Love box. Unique gifting.

Valentine's day is almost around the corner. Trust us, you don't want to leave your valentine's gift shopping down to the last second!

Chocolates are so mainstream, and flowers are downright boring for Valentine's day gifting. Which is why, we are here with the perfect answer to the question that haunts you every year, "What is the perfect valentine's day gift for my girlfriend? She's impossible to shop for!"

What you actually need is a list of gifts that your girlfriend wants, but she just won't get for herself.

This year, it will be different. You've got Urban Kanyaa to make gifting SUPER simple and easy. Read on to find out what to gift your girlfriend on valentine's day in India 2021 (and she'll love you for making the right choice!).

You can choose a gift from one of our pre-curated boxes or simply build your own box!

Pre-curated gifts

1) Love box

When you want to show her how much you love her, this box is the way to do it! Filled with products that pamper her, this box spells out love with practical and useful gifts.

Box highlights-

  • A massage oil that helps her relax.

  • An organic luxurious soap that gives her a smooth lather and makes her smell great all day long.

  • Two Korean Sheet masks.

  • An artistic tote bag that will make people turn... and a few surprises!

2) Dreamy box

Is your girlfriend a dreamer? If yes, then this box is perfect for her. It has everything that'll help her relax after a long day, and fall into a peaceful sleep.

Box highlights-

  • A Linen spray to wrap her in a relaxing scent as you sleep.

  • Bedside handpainted lamp to keep her company during the dark times.

  • Magic Potion's Hand and Foot cream to pamper her.

  • Very Nutri Mint Green Tea (50-60 CUPS) to help her relax with a burst of flavourful mint.

  • ...and more!

3) Spa box

If your girlfriend/ spouse has been feeling overworked or anxious, it's time to turn to some good old-fashioned pampering. Urbankanyaa's spa box is filled with items to have a fun, luxurious at-home spa day.

Box highlights-

  • VaanyaSoapCo's think, lavender body butter to give her glowing skin.

  • Spa berry's manicure kit to make her nails and hands pristine.

  • Kuh Organics Chikahpa Soap

  • A vanilla-scented candle for the perfect spa day...and more!

4) Bath box

Skip the regular gifts to give your special someone a luxurious, indulgent bathing experience. Let them soak the day away with a bath box filled with tried-and-tested favourites!

Box highlights-

  • Organic shampoo to save her hair from chemical damage.

  • Bath salt and foot soak to help her de-stress.

  • Bryan and Candy's Cocoa Shea Body Butter to make her skin soft and smooth..and more.