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The Bath Box is here to take away your Stress and Worries!

December box. Unique Gifting. Relax. January Box.

Are you looking to unwind with a relaxing shower over the weekend? Or are you looking for a gift that everyone will love? Urban Kanyaa's bath box is the answer to both those questions!

Urban Kayaa is a self care subscription box in India that is created to make self care easier! Our products range from personal care to lifestyle items. Each one more unique than the other. We have a rigorous process to make sure that our every single product is a hero and safe for you to use. Click here to check out our store!

We've got the perfect box for you!

Introducing UrbanKanyaa's bath box. This is a box filled with natural bath self-care products designed to help you relax. Experience pure bliss and luxury with this box.

The box that you all have been waiting for! A box filled with luxury, relaxation and warmth. The products in this box are unique and practical. It also covers a wide spectrum of bath products that you would require.

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Curious to see what's inside? Let's take a look

1. Rhuhee's Woodwick Candle

First up in the box is this luxurious hand-poured wood wick candle. It makes a beautiful crackling sound when you light it up! It's glass body and wine cork lid just add to its vibe. You can get this candle in either of these two fragrances with our bath box-

Cranberry and Champagne


Creamy Vanilla

2. VaanyaSoapCo's Organic Coffee artisan soap

This soap is 100% organic and made from all-natural ingredients. Gentle on your skin, this soap will energize and refresh you after every bath. The amazing scent of coffee adds to its charm. The coffee extracts in this soap will also help to remove cellulite from your skin.

3. FiduciaBotanical's Lavender bath salts

The rich fragrance of lavender will help you to relax and de-stress in the shower. Enjoy a deep, unhindered sleep at night.

Pro-tip: Don't have a bathtub?

Use this bath salt as a foot soak instead and relive your sore feet!

4. Neem Comb

Plastic combs create static electricity when you comb your hair. This leads to hair damage, hair fall, and dandruff. Switch to this natural, 100% neem comb for a healthy alternative to comb your hair. This comb is made from natural neem wood which is known for its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

5. Hair Towel

This hair towel will protect your hair from breakage and frizziness. This towel is the perfect fit to wrap around your head after a shower. It's lightweight, high quality, and super absorbent.

6. Deepantikam's organic shampoo

Enriched with extracts from 48 different herbs, this shampoo will give your hair the natural care they deserve. Say no to harmful chemicals and hair damage, and try this 100% organic shampoo. This is your one-stop solution to repair and revive your hair. You can get this shampoo in a mini 50ml bottle too.

7. PeeSafe's Face Mist

Rehydrate your skin with just a spray of Peesafe's face mist. You can use this mist early in the morning, at night, or even during the day without damaging your makeup. Use this face mist to nourish your skin and get rid of all the dirt and pollutants.

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(You can pick between Peesafe's face mist or Bryan and Candy's body butter while placing your order)

Bryan and Candy's Cocoa Shea Body Butter

Bryan and Candy's body butter is made from cocoa, shea butter, and beeswax among other high-quality natural ingredients. This body butter will deeply moisturize your skin and make you smell amazing. It will penetrate your pores to provide deep nourishment. This butter is lightweight and can be easily used on all skin types.

8. Body Scrub

Last up in our box is this handy body scrub. Use this to gently exfoliate and buff off dead skin cells the natural way! It's light, handy, and super easy to use!

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Pamper yourself or your loved ones with an UrbanKanyaa gift box. We believe in no-waste gifting. If there's something you'd like to customize, just let us know!

Have a look at our complete range of pre-curated boxes. You can also buy UrbanKanyaa's mini bath box, at just Rs 799/-

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