Trouble sleeping? Urban Kanyaa has THE complete box for you!

How have you been sleeping? Let us rephrase that.

Would you like to sleep better?

If you answer is YES! (yes, that much enthusiasm is compulsory) then we have THE box for you.

Our Sleep box a.k.a the dreamy box is created to help you relax and sleep better. It has 10 full-size products to help you pamper yourself and show yourself some much-needed love.

You can get ALL that at just 1,999/-

Show yourself some love with the box that will stay with you through the night. You can buy it Here!

Do you want to know what is inside this beautiful box?

Let's go!

1.Linen Spray Midnight Memories by Magic Potions

First up is a water-based essential oil room and linen spray that is safe for all. Spray it on your pillows and comforter and be surrounded in the beautiful fragrance. This beautiful scent is created to relax you and help you fall asleep easier.

2. Hand-painted Bedside Lamp by TheMagicalStuff

This beautiful hand-painted lamp will keep you company throughout the night. It comes with batteries within it so you don't need to search for plug points to plug it in. Hassel-free and a beautiful piece to keep by your bed. If you have a habit of sleeping with lights on this beautiful yellow light will set the mood and help you relax better.

3.Foot and Elbow Cream by Kaya

Having a pre-sleep schedule helps a lot of people sleep better. What's a better routine than one that helps you the next day too?

This rich cream will give your rough spots some pampering before sleeping for a more nourished morning.

4.Rose Lip Oil by Deepantikam

Launching EXCLUSIVELY with Urban Kanyaa Deepantikam is here with a nourishing and smooth way to keep your lips healthy! Simply apply it before sleeping and wake up with nourished and hydrated lips!

5. Pocket Alarm Clock

Having a constant sleep shedule can be a struggle however, it is proven that a good sleep schedule helps you sleep better.

Waking up in the morning can't be a task with the adorable pocket alarm clock smiling at you.

6. White Dream Catcher

According to urban legends, dream catchers help ward off bad dreams. If nothing, they look beautiful in your home and add to that cozy environment.

7. Aloe Vera Gel by Kailash Ayurveda

Aloe vera gel has healing and moisturising properties and is great for hydrating dry skin. 

8. Mint Green Tea by Very Nutri

Created by a team of nutritionists, doctors, R& D & Manufacturing experts who offer classic well as modern nutritional & wellness products for you. Add this green tea to hot or cold water and feel yourself relax.

9. Furry Sleep Mask

Add on luxury to your everyday sleep with this beautiful furry sleep mask.

10. Mini Notebook+Pen+Writing Pad

This mini notebook is great to keep on your bedside for late-night ideas or for sleep exercises every night find them on

We want you to have the best of the best.

Are you ready to make sleeping better? Click here to book your box now <3

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Urban Kanyaa started with the aim to make self-care easier. We work with local brands to bring you unique products at a fraction of the cost.


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