Non-Cliché Gift Ideas for Indian Mother’s Day 2020

This Mother's Day when you search for gifts online you won't need to go through several Western gifts. Though your mother will appreciate anything you give, let's truly surprise them. Let's truly let them know how much we appreciate and love them.

If you think flowers die quickly, chocolates are too basic and you’ve tried gifting her that “compliments in a jar” gift only for it to be stocked away then we have mother’s day gift ideas that will truly make your mother’s mother’s day! 

1. Urban Kanyaa subscription + Virtual Card

What’s better to treat your mother with but a 6-month subscription to pampering? Give her a gift that keeps on giving not just on mothers day but month after month. 

In the light of the crisis around us, you can book your box now and get your personalised virtual card. We'll deliver your beautiful pampering box post lockdown.

Each Urban Kanyaa box is filled with fun 7-8 full-size lifestyle products that will help her relax and destress. Get her the gift that keeps on giving!

Click here to start the subscription now!

2. Mini Photo Album

Photo by Olya P on Unsplash

Take her down the memory lane and make her feel special by making a beautiful mini album for her. It is easier than you'd think.

3. Doing her chores for a week? 

Not only will this make you understand her work routine better but will also give her a moment’s time to be at peace. Our mothers do so much for us that we almost take it for granted. Why not pick up some of her load and help her have a moment’s time to relax. This will definitely help her. 

4. Cooking for her!

Has she been craving a cake? Or some ice cream? 

Make her feel special and heard at the same time by giving her the gift she wants - We found two SUPER easy recipes that you can cook with minimum time and ingredients. 

You can even search for a childhood favourite of hers and cook that. What’s better than your children/ child cooking their favourite food?

5. Fitness subscription 

Has your mother been complaining about her weight and has she been going on crazy diets again? Well, join the boat.

 Gift her a fitness subscription to show her how much you care about her health and want to support her goals. 

Nowadays, there are online private sessions that can be booked with private trainers very easily. 

Say those exact words though. 

You have a few options. 

  • Fit Kanyaa - You can contact them for certified professional trainers at inexpensive rates. Reach them out at (+91) 9324221331. 

  • CultFitness - The rates are higher but it is some of the best there is.

  • Fitternity - Yes, the subscription workout company is now available for online workouts too!

6. Urban Kanyaa's Mother's Day Box

Make her feel like a Queen with a Mother's day box created especially to celebrate mothers. Filled with products for personal pampering that she can use herself or can share with you for a beautiful bonding experience.

Our custom box comes with all the love and pampering your mother needs! So book her her box now!

Book it here now!

If all of these are too much work you can simply order some products off of Amazon. Here are some thoughtful gifts below.

1) Eye Mask Mothers Day

2) Oye Happy - Great Indian Mother Mug

3) Pill Pro Organizer 7 Portable Tray Pill Box with 4 Compartments Organize Medicine and Vitamins for Each day Storage

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