5 Letter Writing Prompts for this Valentine's Day

Writing letters is a lost art, unlike texts they are a slower, more thoughtful process of communication. This Valentine's day we want you to sit back and take some time to ponder. Maybe write a letter? There is a romantic charm to it.

It'll help you relax, slow down and think over things. It can also help you get focused and ready for the next day. Which is why we included a special, exclusively created a Valentine themed Urban Kanyaa letter - just for you.

Wondering what to write? We'll help you get started!

Here are 5 letter writing prompts to help you get writing!

1) Write a letter to your younger self, what advice would you give yourself, what would you do differently if you knew what you know now? What would you ask yourself to hold on to?

2) Write a letter to your long lost best friend, the one you immediately thought of when you read this. Ask them how they are, what they're doing now, tell them what you miss and what you wish you could tell them.

3) Write a letter to someone you love - family, friend, partner or even your pet, about how you feel for them and what you truly appreciate about them.

4) Write a letter to someone you miss. However you lost them, remember them, send them some love and tell them you miss them.

5) Write a letter to yourself at your worst. Give yourself some strength and power. Remind yourself that you were able to go through that and every time you go through something that feels impossible you always have a letter for you to read.

Do you have any writing prompts? Share them with us below!

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