5 Exercises that help you Sleep better

Our march box 2020 is the Dreamy box. A box made to help you have a more luxurious sleep and help you relax. Therefore we rounded up five exercises to help you make your sleeping process better so you can have a more energised morning.

1) Stretching

One of the most talked about exercise for sleep is giving your body some stretch. For good reason, of course. It helps your body relax and prepares it for sleepy time. Doing a full blown work out before sleeping will have the opposite reaction.

For stretching you can try some neck stretches or the bear hug. You can find a lot of options here.

2) Writing

Yes, writing. Before sleeping your thoughts can be focused on fixing things which will bring you anxiety and fear. Journaling about those feelings and gently nudging them in a positive direction can definitely help you feel better and more sleepy according to studies.This is why we've included a mini notebook in the Dreamy box for you.

3) Meditation

Even a simple meditation practice can help you sleep better and wake up feeling better. Sleep is a powerful tool and you can use it to process things or search for answers. You can start with some simple breathing exercises and move on to simple meditation. You can even try applications like Let's meditate or Headspace.

4) Make lists

If you find that your mind just won't stop thinking then you can simply write it down. Make a list of all the things that are affecting you and tell yourself that you will take care of it tomorrow. It is even suggested to practice gratitude before sleeping in the book The Secret : Magic . Make a list of everything you are grateful for eg Family, events that happened or even that the sky is blue. Don't repeat things and once you write it down take a minute to feel grateful about it.

Good thing you have a mini notebook in the Dreamy box especially for that!

5) Do something nurturing for yourself

Whether it is moisturising your face with aloe vera gel or showing some love to your dry feet do something that makes you feel good. Something only for yourself. This will help you sleep knowing you are there with yourself and help you wake up feeling pampered (and with more nourished feet).

That was it! Those are our sleep exercises for more pampering sleep. You will find products to help you with each of those things in our March Dreamy Box. So, if you're looking for a way to pamper yourself Click here and get the Dreamy box for yourself.