We curate and make each box with all of our hearts. 

From deciding a theme to sending across the box, our process is long and filled with challenges. The only thing that gets us through it all - is you. Come have a look at our process of creating an Urban Kanyaa Box.


Reality Check

How we Find your Ideal Box

We find suppliers whose products are interesting and unique. We contact our supply partners or search for new ones. Each supplier is made to go through a checklist for quality control. We then combat to get the best price possible for you. Then comes my team's favourite part. 

Decisions Decisions

How it All Starts

We first decide on the theme for the month and what the contents of our ideal box will be. This is the most exciting part as we imagine how you'd react to the box and what products will add on to your life. Once the decision-making is done (with a little fear and a lot of excitement) we move on to reality.

Trial and Testing

We Work it, on Ourselves

Even after the checklist we personally test those products on ourselves, so we can be sure they work and aren't harmful and to understand the experience of its use.  If it's not up to the mark, we scrap it with heavy hearts. We care for you, woman. 

Wrap It Up

How we Create Magic

Once the products are found, prepared and ready (after a lot of stress) we begin the process of packing them up. Get the satin ribbons and glitter and everything nice out because we aim for you to have the best unboxing experience possible. We go over different ways we can make it look pretty, you deserve it,

Sending Them Out

How we Give them Away

We leave the boxes out to be delivered with butterflies in our stomachs. We almost can never control our excitement as the boxes go out to the world to reach your doorstep. Each box has our hearts in it which is why we almost instantly jump on to social media for your reviews or reactions. Then we breathe a sigh of relief and start all over again, time for a new theme.

What are you waiting for? 






         All boxes are delivered on the 15th* of every month