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Rhea Bhatia

I loved how unique Urban Kanyaa products were and how informative their descriptions were. My sensitive skin had no reaction to their products. Love it!

Natasha Gowani

Urban Kanyaa's selection of products is great, I love the brands and the products make me go "Wow" everytime I use them

Mansi Maloni

I gifted an Urban Kanyaa box to my mother and sister. Both were very happy with it and have thanked me for introducing them to them. The boxes reached them on perfect time

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High-Quality Ingredients
Clean, Sustainable, Simple
We choose products based on their ingredients not marketing
so you use better Products Everyday

How Will It Work?

Wondering how it'll work? It's simple! Pick a membership plan that suits you the best and get started. Choose the products you want every month. They'll be delivered right to your doorstep. Saying no to chemicals was never this simple.

Step 1

Get a personalized, top-shelf grooming routine as unique as you are.

Step 2

Get your organic box with details of the ingredients in it

Step 3

Use it for a month, your next box will be at your doorstep as soon is its over

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